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So you can focus on what you do best.

Reliable phone help is hard to find

Our answering service can transform challenges into opportunities. We ensure that no call or customer is missed, reduce distractions for enhanced productivity, and helps manage follow-ups efficiently. This support allows business owners to focus on growth while staying effortlessly on top of their game.

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In business since 1952

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Turn More Callers Into Sales & Dollars

Answering every incoming call maximizes sales opportunities and boosts your business’s revenue.

Keep your calendar booked solid while you run your business

Not only will you never miss an opportunity but we can even book appointments directly into your calendar

“inhouse” sounding assistants

Your customers and prospective clients will feel like they’re talking with someone at your business getting the personable feel of a person on the other side.


Anserfone is more than just an answering service

Anserfone was created for organizations and business owners like you

Anserfone’s answering service dramatically cuts administrative costs and saves time, streamlining your operations. By efficiently handling calls, it recovers potential lost revenue, ensuring no opportunity is missed. Additionally, it enhances customer satisfaction by providing prompt and professional responses, fostering loyalty and maintaining a positive business reputation.

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Full business phone solution

We simply provide the best answering service solution to business owners.

We’ve been in business since 1952 fine tuning our process to make sure we can offer the best experience to you

As the premiere telephone answering service company in the intermountain west, Anser-Fone has been performing quality telephone communications since 1952. Our call center provides a safe and comfortable environment for our call center agents.

Dedicated customer service agents perform call center service operations tailored to your needs and budget. Anser-Fone utilizes ergonomically correct office equipment the comforts of a virtual office, and comfortable environment. And state-of-the-art proprietary software and telephone technology.

Our remarkable clients

Best in the industry

Anser-Fone has consistently provided our patients with an empathic ear when calling any hour of the day or night…

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71 years in Business

We have been in the business since 1852 and have seen it all.

Team of the experts

We understand your business and work with you

In house type service

We have a team of delightful staff that will work with your customers.

We are easy to work with

We strive to make our processes as easy as possible to integrate with your business

We focus on the results

Our goal is to cut your overhead costs and increase revenue