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After Hours Answering


It’s Time to Never Miss a Call Again

Picture this: It’s time to close up shop, and you’re about to head out the door, when the phone starts ringing. You’re the last one in the office, and you know that’s a client you might potentially lose if you don’t answer the phone.

This situation, and others like it, can be avoided if you partner with us at Anser-Fone. We’re a specialized after hours answering service, catching those phone calls that come in after regular business hours. No matter what industry you work in, we provide peace of mind. Our exceptional customer service ensures that your clients are always greeted warmly and professionally. With our 24-hour answering service, you’re not just retaining clients; you’re attracting more.

Our Service: Your Extended Business Arm

As a business owner, relying on external partners can be daunting. But rest assured, our agents are top-notch, trained extensively in customer service. When your company gets a call, your specific profile pops up, ensuring our agents deliver accurate and helpful information. We work closely with you to create your company profile, tailoring scripts for common questions.


Messaging Systems: Efficiency Meets Convenience

Our messaging systems are a blend of efficiency and convenience. Clients can leave messages about their inquiries, which we send directly to you via cell or email.


Live Person Answering Service: The Human Touch

Quality customer service is about human interaction. Staffing for after-hours can be costly and impractical. That’s where our live person answering services come in. We ensure a real person greets your customers 24/7. New customers facing an answering machine often hang up, but a live greeting can make all the difference in acquiring new clientele.

Live Telephone Answering Service: Affordable and Accessible

Offering a live telephone answering service is not just affordable but also demonstrates your commitment to customer service. It’s particularly crucial for industries like medicine, disaster relief, property management, and utility services. In emergencies, people prefer talking to a human, not an automated voice.

Virtual Answering Service: Tailored and Flexible

Our virtual answering service complements the live interaction. Calls go to a customizable voicemail, allowing you to relay pertinent information. Voicemails are instantly emailed, but you can choose to receive them on your fax, pager, or cell, responding in a timeframe that suits both you and your clients.

Reliable Answering Service: Trust and Expertise

Finding a reliable answering service in a convoluted market can be challenging. Anser-Fone has been around since 1952, with a focus on customer service and building intercompany partnerships. We offer top-rated telephone answering services with a team of dedicated and friendly professionals.

Why Choose Anser-Fone?

If you’re considering enhancing your company’s communication strategies, contact us at Anser-Fone. We’ll help you set up after-hours answering services, customized to your needs, providing 24-hour access to your clients and giving you an edge over competitors.


Frequently Asked Questions 


What makes Anser-Fone different from other answering services?

Anser-Fone focuses on personalized service, with tailored scripts and messaging systems that align with your company’s profile.


Can Anser-Fone handle calls for any industry?

Absolutely. We cater to a wide range of industries, offering specialized services for each.


How does the virtual answering service work?

Calls are directed to us either directly or after you’ve missed the call on your end,  We’ll send you a message immediately to your preferred communication device.


Is Anser-Fone a cost-effective solution for small businesses?

Yes, our services are designed to be affordable and scalable, making them ideal for businesses of all sizes.


How can I get started with Anser-Fone?

Simply contact us, and we’ll guide you through setting up a service that’s customized for your specific needs.

Capture every lead – even after hours

By not missing incoming opportunities businesses have been shown to increase revenue by over 20% using an answering service.


Higher Customer Satisfaction!

Reduced wait times and efficient call handling improve customer experience, leading to increased loyalty and potential referrals.


Increased Productivity

Research suggests that it takes individuals approximately 25 minutes to refocus after an interruption, and constant calls can increase the rate of errors.