After Hours

“The service that Anser-Fone has consistently provided our patients with an empathic ear when calling any hour of the day or night, is truly amazing. It has been a great comfort to me as the person responsible to ensure customer satisfaction, that our patients are promptly, professionally, and courteously serviced. On behalf of our patients, staff and doctors it is my sincere please to commend Anser-Fone publicly for their consistent superior service”

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After Hours

It’s time to close up shop, and you’re about to head out the door, when the phone starts ringing suddenly. You’re the last one in the office, and you know that’s a client you might potentially lose if you don’t answer the phone.

This situation, and others like it, can be avoided if you partner with Anser-Fone. Our company is a specialized after hours answering service, catching those phone calls that come in after regular business hours. No matter what industry you work in, we can provide peace or mind. Our excellent customer service ensures that your clients will be greeted in a friendly manner. With a 24-hour answering service, you are sure to retain, and attract more clientele. Our company acts as an extension of your own, providing any information to your clients that they might need, at any time of day.

After hours phone answering service

As a business owner, you might be hesitant to rely on people who don’t actually work for your company. However, all of our agents are highly trained, with an emphasis on customer service. Your company account pops up with the phone call, ensuring that they are giving your clients helpful and accurate information. We collaborate with you to create your company profile, including any scripts that might be helpful for commonly asked questions.

In addition, our messaging systems are unmatched, combining efficiency and convenience. Customers can leave messages about their inquiries, which are immediately sent to you via cell or email. You can also set up customized voicemails, which drop into your email immediately. With this feature, all the information is at your fingertips, without you having to constantly check your voicemail for messages.

Live person answering service

Many companies pride themselves on offering quality customer service and a positive interaction experience with their clients. However, being able to staff people after regular hours can become expensive and impractical. Anser-Fone provides live person answering services, ensuring that a live person always greets your customers, 24 hours a day.

New customers that are greeted by an answering machine are likely to simply hang up. A live person answering service can help you acquire more clientele, as they are greeted warmly by one of our representatives, 24 hours a day. As a business owner, you can’t be there to answer every phone call, but you can take steps to assure that every phone call is handled accurately and professionally.

Live telephone answering service

Live telephone answering service is also affordable, saving you money on staffing your own employees. It also ensures that your potential clients have 24-hour access to a service representative, a perk that many of them take for granted. For many, this demonstrates your company’s commitment to customer service.

If you work in an industry that can have emergency situations, such as medicine, disaster relief, property management, and utility services, it’s important to have a number your customers can call at all times. In the event of an emergency, they will want to have a live telephone answering service available, so that they can directly tell another human what the issue is. The last thing someone wants in an emergency situation is being greeted by an automated voiceover.

Virtual answering service

In addition to having a live person answer incoming calls from your company, Anser-Fone can also provide you with a functional messaging and virtual answering service. The incoming calls are sent to a voicemail features this is entirely customizable to your company, allowing you to include the information that you think is most pertinent.

The voicemails are sent to your email immediately, though you can also choose to send them to your fax, pager, or cell if you want to respond to it in timelier manner. Virtual answering services allow you to get back to your customers in a timeframe that best suits both of you, without you having to be directly by your office phone.

Reliable answering service

It can be difficult to find a reliable answering service—the industry has become convoluted. However, Anser-Fone has been around since 1952, focusing heavily on customer service and intercompany partnerships. We have top rated telephone answering services and a team of dedicated and friendly professionals.

If you’re looking to add reliable answering services to your company services, contact us at Anser-Fone today. We can help you set up your after-hours answering services, customizing them to fit your company and your needs. This will open up 24 hour access to your clients, giving you an edge over the competitors.

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