Emergency Elevator Service

If you’ve ever been on an elevator, you’ve probably noticed the call button that is available on the dashboard. Hopefully, you’ve never had to use that button before, but you might have wondered who is on the other side of the phone line. Typically, it’s an emergency elevator service, or a telephone answering service that is partnered with the business owners. Having that call button helps to ensure the safety of their residents and inhabitants.

If you own a building, elevator safety is often left to your own devices and it’s up to you to provide someone that sits on the other end of that phone line in the event of an emergency or maintenance needs. Staffing a person to sit by the phone 24 hours a day for this purpose can be costly and wasteful. Partnering with an established and well renowned emergency elevator service can give you peace of mind and ensure your building meets safety compliance.

Anser-Fone is a leading provider in emergency elevator service. Our friendly and resourceful telephone agents are dedicated to responding quickly and efficiently in the case of an emergency. In addition, we can dispatch emergency services if necessary, or address any maintenance concerns directly. Tenants can contact us if there is a glitch with the buttons, or if the machine is making strange sounds. We can contact the right maintenance people to take a look, saving you time.

As a building manager, you’ll want to stay in the loop, so we also let you know of any important messages that we received, sending detailed descriptions of the call by text or cell phone. In case maintenance is needed, this allows you to see that someone was sent to fix any damages.

24-hour call answering

As with most vehicles and transportation, needed repairs are usually unpredictable and happen at inconvenient times. If someone stayed to work late in an office building, and the elevator breaks on them, it’s important to have communication access, so they don’t get stuck there for an extended period of time. If you own a residential building, your residents likely have a variety of different schedules, meaning they might be in the elevator at any time when it could breakdown.

As an effective 24-hour call answering service, Anser-Fone is there, waiting in the wings, in case the need for emergency elevator services is required. Your tenants simply have to press the call button, and just like that, they’ll be in contact with one of our friendly, responsive agents. They can tell us what the issue is, and we can dispatch for the correct responders, whether it’s maintenance, or emergency services.

Occasionally, in situations like this, people in the elevators tend to panic, not even knowing where they are, which can make talking to them difficult. Our telephone lines are building identified and our friendly representatives are trained and possess the experience to deal with them patiently and tactfully. We help them remain calm, and guide them throughout the process, assuring them that emergency services are on the way. We stay on the line with them until help arrives. Our primary goal is to help them to safety, as well as immediately alerting you. Messages will be sent to cell phone, alerting you to the broken elevator, as well as any decisions that have been implemented to help the situation.

Knowing that you have a 24-hour call answering service can give you peace of mind and ensure the safety of your residents and building tenants. As a property manager, emergency elevator services are an investment in safety, and a much more affordable option than staffing the phone agents yourself.

Live telephone answering service

As a live telephone answering service, Anser-Fone is dedicated to providing the best in customer service, and when it comes to emergency elevator service, customers can be panicked and concerned. Our agents deal with their concerns directly, contacting maintenance and emergency services as needed.

In the event of an emergency, it’s important to talk to someone directly, as they can help make you calm and more relaxed in a situation that seems dire. For elevator emergencies, our phone agents are calmed and composed, providing reassurance, as well as assistance, to their callers.

If you are a property owner of buildings with elevators, you should consider partnering with an elevator answering service. Our live telephone answering service staffs friendly agents that will ensure that any maintenance or emergency situations are handled quickly and efficiently. Contact us today for more information about our 24-hour call answering services.

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