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Lawyers are busy individuals…it’s rare that you find them in an office all day, next to their phone and computer. They are often running from meeting to meeting, making it difficult to get a hold of them. They often work long hours, but still can’t seem to get to all the items they need to get to.

One simple, affordable, and feasible option is utilizing an attorney answering service. A friendly customer service representative always greets your clients, as well as your potential customers. Anser-Fone provides a top-rated attorney answering service. Our telephone agents are highly trained, ensuring that they provide the right answers and offer friendly support to your customers.

Attorney answering service

New clients are much more likely to hang up if they encounter a voicemail, rather than an actual human being. What is to stop them from simply calling the next lawyer on the list? Having a live telephone answering service ensures that a person answers every call, even if you aren’t available at the moment. They can answer questions about the company, and even transfer the call directly over to you if you’re available.

It’s hard to acquire new clients if you can’t talk to them on the phone. Don’t let this ruin your chances at obtaining new business…an attorney answering service provides them friendly support and leaves a message for you to get back to them in a timely fashion.

Your company profile will pop up for whichever caller is taking the call, ensuring that they offer accurate, timely, and updated information to your callers. We collaborate with you to determine what information is available to them through the attorney answering service, writing scripts and creating a list of services that you provide. In addition, we make sure that any relevant or important information that they leave with us finds their ways immediately back to you. We take detailed messages for you, allowing you to see the nature of the call, as well as any pressing matters.

Another way we provide services to attorneys is by making their business entirely mobile. Lawyers are often out meeting with clients, in court, or doing research for cases. Anser-Fone accommodates this effectively by answering all the phone calls for you, similar to a private secretary. We also offer conferencing capabilities, allowing you to conference with any client, anywhere.

The way that we handle your clients is entirely customizable. We work with you to determine an effective and informative script for your clients, providing them the necessary information. An attorney answering service is also a great way to handle the excess calls your office might be getting…the legal industry is in high demand, and it can be impossible to answer every phone call that comes through.

24 hour call answering

Believe it or not, lawyers are actually humans too, which requires them to have some down time and the occasional night of shuteye. The need for a quality attorney often keeps people up during nighttime hours, and sometimes they want to call and ask questions long after you’ve left the office.

Instead of keeping your cellphone handy at 3 AM, you can opt for 24-hour call answering through Anser-Fone’s live telephone answering service. Those worried clients will have someone to talk to, as well as someone that can answer their basic questions. In addition, we can send a message off to you via cell or email that tells you about the nature of the call, and allows you to get to it in your own time.

Perhaps the most important part of our attorney answering service is our respect for client-lawyer confidentiality. We ensure that any personal information about your clients stays personal. Our telephone agents are trained to meet confidentiality standards, and won’t broadcast your cases around the office or outside of work.

Don’t trust your clients to just anyone. Anser-Fone is a top rated telephone answering system that will treat your clients exactly the way that you would. We’ve been in business since 1954, providing our clients with an easier way to manage their company. We pride ourselves on our customer service and efficient messaging. If you’re looking for a way to streamline your phone calls with an attorney answering service, give us a call today!

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