Patient care is critical to every medical office. Your customers need to know that you are there for them 24/7. With Anser-Fone, you can provide the ultimate care for your clients and their families.

Let’s face it, you work hard during the week, and freedom in the evenings and weekend is much needed to recovery for yourself and your staff. While providing 24/7 care for an emergency is a necessary part of the business, getting unwanted calls is not. Only the most important calls will get through to you.

Scheduling/Cancelling appointments

Based on your office instructions, calls for appointments or cancellation of appointments are important too…but not after-hours. Those calls can wait till you get back in the office. Rather than listen to all the recordings that have been left for you, with Anser-Fone, you’ll have them all listed in your email inbox when you arrive in the office. Or maybe you have your first appointment right at 8:00AM and you arrive only to find out the patient has needed to cancel. Anser-Fone will be able to get that information to you long before you leave for the office, giving you important time to tend to other business. Customer service doesn’t come with a timecard. It’s crucial for companies in any industry to be vigilant with their customer service, day in and day out. In our modern world of technology, the world runs on positive reviews and client feedback. As such, offering 24-hour Medical Answering Service support is a necessity.

With Anser-Fone, Medical Answering Service our friendly agents represent your medical office after regular business hours are up. Their friendly, helpful service will be sure to make your patients happy, and keep you happy in turn. Our services range from answering basic questions, scheduling appointments, and taking detailed messages. These messages are immediately forwarded to your cell phone, text or email, allowing you to get back to them in your own time. We can also eliminate an incredible pressure to provide an after-hours employee, or take the calls yourself.

24-hour Medical answering service

For many of the medical offices we serve, providing 24-hour call answering service is necessary for them to be in compliance with policies and procedures. Hiring people to man phones all night can be expensive, which is where we come in. We answer all after-hour medical calls with a live agent, ensuring that your patients are greeted by our friendly 24-hour call answering service. Not only does it help to bring in new customers, it can also play a critical role in retaining them.

Oftentimes, there are policies and procedures that require companies to meet certain compliance standards. There are privacy policies and client confidentiality, which can make people hesitant when considering a 24-hour call answering service. However, we understand the importance of keeping your clients information under careful watch, and we can accommodate those policies with our 24-hour call answering service. We meet HIPAA standards, ensuring patient confidentiality and safeguarding their medical information. This helps to reduce your liability and keep your company in check with all of your procedural standards.

After hours medical answering service

While business hours don’t necessarily change, the need for services does. Having a medical telephone answering service ensures that your patients have someone to call if they have anything go wrong.

We collaborate closely with you to create a company profile and scripts to help customers in these scenarios. If the call is of an urgent or emergency, we can conference connect your patient to you, maintaining the privacy of your personal cell phone number. We can take a message and send it to you immediately, via cell phone, text or email. You can get back to them as soon as you are able, still giving them speedy and timely service. Having someone to help them in between can make the difference between retaining and dropping patient.

Don’t leave your company’s customer service in the hands of just anyone…Anser-Fone has been providing unmatched service for clients since 1952. For two generations, we’ve been creating partnerships with people across any industry. Our 24-hour client support gives them an edge over their competitors and our medical telephone answering service offers emergency support and helpful information to their clients. If you’re interested in implementing a 24-hour call answering service, contact us today for more information about how we can streamline your customer service.

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