Property management

Property Management

Running a property management company can be extremely fast-paced and stressful. The more properties you have, the more phone calls you have pouring in. People are interested in looking at the property, or your tenants might have questions or concerns that need to be addressed. Investing in a property management answering service can help to streamline your customer service, ensuring that all the calls get answered.

As a property manager, it’s important to ensure that your tenants are met with immediate and efficient responses. You could be held liable for any damage or emergency situations if they aren’t met with quick action and resolve. Anser-Fone is a property management answering service that understands the policies and procedures put in place for property managers, and we are dedicated to providing the call services that will make their building run smoothly.

Property management answering service

As a fully staffed property management answering service, we can handle any type of phone calls, about any of your properties. Whether it’s a tenant looking for instructions on paying rent, or a potential tenant interested in seeing the property, we handle them with friendly customer service.

One of the primary features of our property management answering service is that we can take calls from potential clients, and help them get into contact with the correct person at your company. Depending on their needs and the urgency of their call, we can easily redirect them to the proper department. This can eliminate a lot of backlogged calls, with our company acting as a virtual receptionist.

Our professionals are trained extensively and offer friendly customer service. They can handle disgruntled customers, as well as answering basic questions about your company and the different properties that you manage. We can take detailed and informative messages, which are then relayed to you via cell phone, text message, email, pager, or fax.

Our property management answering services also effectively handle maintenance issues or requests. If residents are having maintenance issues in their apartments or condos, they can simply call us, 24 hours a day. We can screen through the different calls, only contacting you in the case of an actual maintenance emergencies.

Anser-Fone is prepared with protocols that outline exactly what an emergency maintenance issue would be. In doing so, this can save you costs on having maintenance workers out during inconvenient times of day. We can also leave you messages about other maintenance needs for your tenants—ones that require less immediate action.

In addition, we respond to emergency situations. If something happens at one of your properties, they can call us and we will immediately notify the proper authorities, as well as you. This can give you peace of mind that all your properties are safe and well maintained.

24-hour call answering

As a property manager, issues with your buildings and tenants can arise at any given point during the day. Since it’s an unpredictable industry, it’s important to implement 24 hour call answering. Anser-Fone acts as an extension of your company, providing additional supports and excellent customer service. Our property management answering service can deal with all the after-hours calls from tenants and interested clients, giving you the freedom to have a life outside of the office.

As a 24-hour call answering service, we pride ourselves on our messaging system. Any customers that contact you, we create detailed messages that are sent out immediately to your cell phone, text or email. They tell you the contents of the call, as well as any issues the customer is having. Additionally, we let you know if it is an interested client. As such, you can decide which calls require more urgency and you can get back to them in your own time.

Every business owner knows the importance of client conversion. Having a live person answer the phone can make the difference between a sale and them simply calling the next listed business. Anser-Fone provides that solution—our live representative model the same customer care that you strive for in your business. This in turn, results in more phone calls becoming client conversions. Who knew that less work could result in more business?

If you’re looking to implement a 24-hour call answering service, contact us today. We serve clients from all across the country. Our company boasts two generations of experience and has been providing telephone answering services since 1954. As a property management answering service, you can be sure that we’ll provide your tenants the same level of customer care that you would.

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