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Telephone Answering Services

Anser-Fone offers complete telephone answering
services and dispatching personalized to your needs.

  • Live, professionally trained agents answer your calls 24 hours a day.
  • Voice mail gives you a complete variety of services, with a wide
    selection of options to choose from.
  • Voice mail delivery option goes directly to your e-mail so you never have
    to check for messages.
  • Visual computer displays all information pertinent to your account with each
    incoming call.
  • Immediate dispatch of calls, according to your instruction.
  • Emergency calls are recalled to operators until cleared.
  • We provide delivery of your messages by e-mail, fax, pager, cellular, or just leave
    them for will-call.
  • Operators can provide conference connections on any incoming or outgoing calls
    with no time limits.
  • We work with all paging companies. We can page you by e-mail, digital or alphanumeric.
    We can page the same message to multiple people regardless of who the pager is through.
  • We can also provide you with local or toll-free numbers for your callers.

Running a business can be incredibly time consuming and challenging, especially when you’re constantly worried about answering the phone after regular business hours. It can be costly to staff your phones 24 hours a day, even if you want to provide emergency services, or your company is required to offer 24-hour support. This is precisely when telephone answering services can come in handy.

Here at Anser-Fone, we eliminate that problem by staffing trained telephone professionals. Our telephone answering services catch all those after hours phone calls, and notify you in the case of emergency. For those making inquiries, it leaves you a direct message via cellphone or email.

US telephone answering services

Located in Sandy, Utah, our US telephone answering services assists companies across the country, minimizing the cost for phone answering services of their own. Hiring out telephone answering services can help your business run more efficiently and save you money on staffing after hours. In addition, our trained operators have experience working in a variety of industries.

No matter where your business is located, we operate 24 hours a day, ensuring that in your downtime, your customers still get the personal touch of talking to someone on the phone. In addition, all the information for your business pops up with the call, allowing our professionals to provide them accurate and updated information about your company. We work with you to develop scripts and gather information, ensuring that is accurate and updated. Your customers get the assistance they require, and you get the piece of mind of knowing that your customers are being taken care of.

Live answering service

As a business owner, you are sure to want the best possible service for your customers. This includes having an actual person answer the phone in response to their questions and inquiries. Nobody wants to be greeted by a machine. Anser-Fone is a live answering service and we staff only friendly, professional telephone operators, ensuring your clients are met with happy, helpful information.

All of our operators are trained extensively, ensuring that your customers are greeted and assisted in a friendly manner. They can answer basic information about the company and provide information about your services. In addition, they are trained and equipped to deal with stressful situations and clientele. A live answering service can be beneficial for emergency callers, or companies that deal with high-stress situations, such as dispatch or disaster relief.

Telephone Answering Service USA

Anser-Fone provides direct customer service, ensuring your clients have a positive experience. Since it’s one of the most functional telephone answering services in the USA, companies from a wide range of industries rely on our telephone operators. Our customers range from physicians, lawyers, plumbing, real estate, HVAC, utility companies, repair contracting, dentists, and more.

Though located in Sandy, Utah, we service companies across the country and in multiple time zones. We can connect individuals with conference call capabilities during your regular business hours, and offer detailed message for after hours.

On call answering service

For certain companies, it’s crucial that they remain on call, in the case of emergencies. However, staffing phones after hours can be costly and a waste of time if the person working them doesn’t get a large quantity of calls. In order to have a constant on call answering service, Anser-Fone staffs all the telephone operators, and manages all your after hours company calls.

As a functional after hours phone answering service, in the case of emergencies, they can directly notify the necessary person. This is both cost-efficient and ensures that your company can immediately respond to certain situations. Imagine the piece of mind that this can provide for your company, knowing that customers always have a number to call with our telephone answering services.

Here at Answe-fone, we offer an affordable answering service that also provides efficient messaging systems. We can take down crucial information and inform you of what the customer was looking for. Voicemails and messages can be directly sent to your cellphone or email address, ensuring that you respond in a timely manner. You can also get involved in paging system, immediately paging your cell when you get an important call, or an emergency response.

If you’re looking to improve the customer service and efficiency of your company, consider an on call answering service. With two generations of experience, we can provide the services your company needs to succeed in the fast-paced modern age. Contact us for more information about our affordable telephone answering services.

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