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As a business owner, it’s common to be bogged down with constant phone calls; these often come from anxious customers with questions, or new clients looking to find more information about your company and the services you offer, even the annoying solicitation calls. However, hiring a receptionist can be expensive. A full time employee with a full benefits package can result in a lot of extra costs.

Today’s modern age provides different solutions for your business needs. Anser-Fone is a telephone answering service that can also serve as a virtual receptionist. You can have all your calls forwarded to our call center, where our friendly representatives help answer questions, schedule appointments, and take messages.

We work closely with you to establish an updated and accurate company profile. This includes writing scripts for different customer needs, and ensuring we have the most recent information about your company. That way, when the calls come through, we can be the helpful virtual receptionist, saving your from hiring an actual one. Like a receptionist, we take detailed messages, letting you know the nature of each call. We put those messages, as well as any voicemails directly into your email, keeping them organized and ensuring that you’ll see them in a timely fashion.

Virtual call center

Since 1952, Anser-Fone has been providing superior telephone answering services for companies across the United States. As a leading virtual call center, our two generations have taught us the importance of providing our agents with the comforts of a virtual office and comfortable environment.

We have a thorough training process at our virtual call center, ensuring that each of our agents knows how to effectively handle different kinds of clients, across a wide array of industries. We tackle anything from doctors, physicians, dentists, and attorneys, all the way to corporate offices, HVAC, construction, elevator emergency service, and more. Our current clients can attest to our dedication for quality customer service and our commitment to providing positive interactions for their customers.

One of the things that our virtual call center prides themselves on is adaptability and dealing with stressful situations. Working closely with utilities companies, doctors and physicians, as well as emergency elevator services, we regularly handle emergency situations, calling dispatch of emergency vehicles if necessary, and immediately contacting you directly. Our agents remain calm and composed, even in stressful situations.

Among the services of our virtual call center is voicemail capabilities. We can take messages for your business or you personally and email the contents over to you, making it so you never have to actually check your voicemail. In addition, we can notify you about certain calls via your cell phone or email, so you can stay on top of potential clients, kind of like your own virtual receptionist.

Our virtual call center can also provide conferencing capabilities, keeping your business entirely mobile. This is especially beneficial if you work in an industry that requires you to be at a large number of places throughout the day. Additionally, the conference calls allow us to add conference capabilities for incoming and outgoing calls, with no time limits. This way, you can finish all your meetings remotely, without having to worry about rushing through your content.

Anser-Fone works with all paging companies, allowing us to reach you in a convenient and efficient way. Whether you’re looking for digital paging, email, or alphanumeric, we can provide it. Also, regardless of who the pager is through, our virtual call center can page the same message to multiple people, which is a great feature for those who collaborate closely with their business partners.

If your clients are looking to find a local location for a bigger chain, Anser-Fone can provide them with locations and phone numbers for companies that are close to where they live. Since we are located in Utah, we fall in the middle of the time zones, and operate 24 hours a day. This allows us to handle inquiries of any nature throughout the day, as well as providing friendly service throughout.

If you’re looking to streamline your business practices, you should consider a virtual receptionist. Our telephone answering service provides a wide array of services, including appointment scheduling and messaging. Our virtual call center also provides something that an actual receptionist won’t…24 hour service for all of your customers. The more phone calls that are received and answered, the more client conversions you are likely to get. Contact Anser-Fone today to find out more about our virtual receptionist services.

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